Sperm Donation Information

Donor sperm is used to treat couples where the man is unable to produce sperm, or because of abnormalities in his sperm. It is also used to treat single women and women in same-sex relationships who wish to have a child.

Who can be a donor?

To be a sperm donor you must be aged between 18-45 and have sperm of exceptional quality. This is important because the sperm are stored by being frozen. When they are thawed out for treatment the majority of most men´s sperm do not survive. Therefore, not all men will be suitable to be sperm donors. 

You must be in good health and not be a known carrier of any genetic or other medical condition(s) that could be harmful to any children born, and have a BMI below 35.

What is involved?

  • As a first step we will do a semen analysis to check that your sperm is of a high quality and that it freezes well.
  • You will have an appointment with a counsellor so that we are happy that you understand the implications of what you are taking on.
  • You will see a doctor who will go through your medical and family background to make sure that we will not be passing on any harmful infections or conditions either to the recipients or to any children that are born.
  • You will see a nurse for us to take some blood and urine for screening

After the other appointments outlined above we will need you to come into the clinic to produce around 15-20 semen samples for us to store. 
Three months after the last sample has gone into storage we will ask you to come back so that we can repeat some of the screening bloods. At this point the sperm samples can be used to treat our patients. 

The total time taken for sperm donation is 6-9 months.

Do I get paid?

Sperm donors are entitled to £35 compensation per clinic visit, plus expenses (not including loss of earnings) if they exceed £35. You are not obliged to accept this compensation if you do not wish to do so.

Do you offer sperm share?

Yes. If you are planning to have treatment with your partner you may be able to donate your sperm in exchange for an IVF cycle at a reduced cost. Please contact us for more information.

What screening is required?

We need to be sure that we will not be putting the recipient or the child(ren) born at risk of any infection or genetic condition by using donor sperm. Therefore, all donors have the following screening:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • HTLV
  • CMV (cytomegalovirus)
  • Blood group
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Karyotype (chromosome analysis)
  • Syphilis
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Chlamydia

In addition, if it is appropriate we may also screen for:

  • Sickle cell anaemia
  • Thalassaemia
  • Tay Sachs

All of these tests are carried out before any donations are made. Three months after the last sample has been stored we will repeat some of the screening. If all is well we can then start to use the samples for treating our patients.

Who will receive my sperm?

For some people, receiving sperm from a donor is their only hope of having a baby. This may be because they are unable to produce their own sperm, their sperm is abnormal or of very poor quality, or they are single or in same sex relationships. 
There is a legal limit on the number of families that can be created with sperm from an individual donor. At the moment this limit is 10 families.

Any child(ren) born as a result of donor treatment is legally the child(ren) of the husband, wife or civil partner of the patient unless he/she did not consent to the treatment. The sperm donor is not the child´s legal parent and has no legal or financial responsibilities for the child(ren).

Who would know that I am a donor?

All sperm donors are registered with the HFEA and details regarding all treatment cycles using donor sperm, and their outcomes, are stored on a confidential register. 
In addition we will ask your permission to contact your GP. This is because we need to make sure that there is nothing in your medical or family background that would prevent you from becoming a donor.

Will the recipients of the sperm know who I am?

The prospective recipients of your sperm and eggs and the parents of children born with your sperm will be able to find out some non-identifying information about you. However, they will not be able to find out your name, or have any other information that they could use to trace you.

What information will the children born from my sperm be entitled to?

Jessop Fertility encourages openness to children born with donor sperm and eggs, but it is possible that such a child might go through life and not know that they were conceived with help from a donor. However, any children born as a result of your sperm donations will be able to contact the HFEA in the future to find out your name and last known address. 

They will also be able to find out information that you will have provided such as your occupation and hobbies. You will also have an opportunity to provide a "goodwill message" for the child(ren).

Will I be able to find out anything about the children that are born with my sperm?

We can tell you whether a baby or babies were born. We can tell you how many, whether they are boys or girls, and the year they were born. We would not be able to tell you names. 

As one of our donors, our counselling service will always be available for you and your family to use, both now and at any time in the future. When finding out about children born from your sperm you may find counselling helpful.

Where can I get more information?

Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA): http://www.hfea.gov.uk/

The HFEA also publishes some useful "Lifecycle" leaflets for people thinking about becoming a donor.

The National Gamete Donation Trust: https://seedtrust.org.uk/

What do I do now?

If you think that sperm donation may be for you then please contact us.

Thinking of becoming a sperm donor?

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